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Discussion Threads

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  1. FrontPage
  2. Introduction
    1. What is meant by "knowledge constructions do not necessarily bear any correspondence to external reality"?
    2. Do you believe that knowledge is always subjective? 
    3. Are there any situations that knowledge is not subjective?
  3. Benefits of Constructivism
    1. Tell or explain a situation in your teaching or learning whereby a constructivist strategy was beneficial to the learning and understanding of the concept(s) being taught are learned.
  4. Constraints of Constructivism
    1. Your chance to rant here - give an example of a teaching or learning situation whereby constructivism was not an effective theory of learning and why.  Was the expereince of trying the theory useful or was it entirely fruitless? 
    2. Does standarized testing impede constructivism?  How does it impede this theory?  Is it possible to hold true to constructivist practices in the classroom when there is an increased emphasis and pressure for students to perform on standardized tests?
  5. Applications
    1. Have you ever had a teacher that taught using constructivist principles? Please share your experiences as a student of a constructivist teacher.
    2. Think back upon your experience as an undergraduate student. Do you agree with Colin's opinion regarding university education or did you have a different experience? Please relate your experience back to the two videos shown.
  6. Lesson Plans
    1. Do you feel that Mr.V's lesson employs constructivist methodologies? If so how? If not suggest how the lesson could be modified?  
    2. After reading through the constructivist lesson plans above do you think they accurately engage constructivist theory?  Which aspect show evidence of constructivism in practice?
  7. Try It Yourself
    1. Do you feel that constructivist principles lend themselves to online learning? Why or why not?  

    2. Do you use peer learning activities in your practice?  If so, what have you found works and what does not work?

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